Back Office and Secretarial Services

Through experience as back office service providers, Summa Fiduciary Services Ltd. can provide general back office services including routine administrative and secretarial service in relation to, or in support of any type of commercial or professional activity.

Activities may include the preparation and processing of sales and purchase invoices, managing the company’s banking affairs leading to the preparation of the company’s accounting records as well as management accounts reporting. At Summa Fiduciary Services Ltd we can also offer the following back office assistance and services:

  • Maltese address with dedicated mail receiving facilities and forwarding weekly mail to your chosen address;
  • Immediate acknowledgement of mail sent by your clients and immediate forwarding of mail to you by e-mail or fax;
  • Dedicated telephone/fax lines; the client could be serviced by our staff and calls subsequently relayed to an indicated number in any part of the world;
  • Setting up of Maltese mobile phone numbers with international roaming facilities in almost all countries worldwide;
  • Fax lines for your company; faxes from clients are immediately answered with an acknowledgement and then forwarded to an indicated e-mail address;
  • Setting up of a Maltese web site and e-mail addresses for your company which you can access from anywhere around the world;
  • Invoicing, re-invoicing, book-keeping, accounts and audits; tax and VAT compliance in Malta;
  • Secretarial services including relaying of your mail/faxes/e-mail to clients worldwide.

Should a client need to arrange a meeting in Malta with his business associates, we can also provide board room or office facilities upon request.

Please contact us for more detailed information on our back office services.

The company secretary

A limited liability company company must have a company secretary. It is the duty of the directors of a company to ensure that the company secretary is an individual who appears to them to have the requisite knowledge and experience to carry out the functions of company secretary. The role of the company secretary is to ensure that the company adheres to the company’s compliance obligations under the Companies Act including the filing of an annual return with the Registrar of Companies.

Please contact us for more detailed information on the secretarial services we provide.

Maltese Registered Address

Since a Malta registered company must have a registered office in Malta,  we offer our clients the use of our premises as their registered office even if the company’s activities are carried out abroad. The company’s registered address is generally the place to deliver documents to the company, its officers and shareholders. It must also be the address where the company incorporation documentation, combined registers and accounts are held and are available for public inspection by the local authorities.

All official documentation from the respective authorities is sent to this address therefore we provide a registered address service ensuring that prompt action is taken where necessary.