Bank Account Services

Non-residents can open a personal bank account in any major currency wherein interest may be paid gross without deduction of any taxes or alternatively a withholding tax of 15% on the interest can be paid in Malta. Furthermore there are no maximum deposits or minimum withdrawals. The procedure for opening of these accounts takes into account the latest Prevention of Money Laundering Regulations.

For your convenience you can also apply for an online bank account with 24×7 access via the internet. Alternatively one can make use of a credit card such as VISA or MasterCard and the account can be accessed from ATMs worldwide. Please note that these cards have varying rates and conditions.

In order to open a bank account on your behalf we would need to submit to the relevant bank:

  • An original banker’s reference
  • A utility bill to prove residential address
  • A copy of the relevant page of your passport
  • A curriculum vitae

We would be pleased to advise and assist with the opening of such bank accounts with any local bank. We may also act as intermediaries or assist you with the maintenance of records such as filing of bank statements at our offices should you so require.